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FA's Communications allows you to send emails to your customer directly from FA, and receive your customers' replies to your messages. All sent and received messages are stored within your other customer-related information, providing you with a record of all customer communication in one place.


Send emails to your clients

  • Send emails to selected clients - you can send messages to your clients one-by-one, or you can mass-send messages to multiple clients at once based on a search. In addition, you can send messages to your clients based on transactions or trade orders created for them.

  • Define your emails as text or HTML and personalize your email content - you can define the content of your email as plaintext or HTML. Built-in editor helps you to add HTML markup to the emails you send. In addition, you can define your email message subject and content with dynamic text, filling in data from the contact the email is sent to. This allows you to personalize your emails when mass-sending them - for example, you can include the email recipient's name within the email content.

  • Include attachments - you can also include files as attachments to your emails.

  • Track what emails have been sent and to whom - if you want to track what kind of emails have been sent and to which clients, you can choose to automatically record tasks from sent emails, linked to the email recipient. Follow the sent messages through the Task Management module.

Supported formats




FA can provide email sending/receiving via Sparkpost ( OR

FA can be configured to use your SMTP server.