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Access for advisors


FA’s Front for advisors allows your advisors to view the summary of their clients and enter trades on their clients’ behalf, while removing the problem of data migration between systems. It gathers all relevant customer, portfolio and investment data combined with the functionality you need on a single platform, allowing you to efficiently manage your day-to-day work.


Provide your advisors with a tool to manage their customers

  • Manage your customer relations - you can manage and document your customer relations as required by the regulations of the financial industry. View your customer’s investments, enter trades on their behalf, and document each meeting, phone call or event you engage with your customer for control over the entire life-cycle of your customer relationship.

  • Allow your advisors to access their own customers and leads - you can allow each advisor to access only their own customers.

View your customers’ investments and information

  • View your customer’s investments - you can view each customer’s investment overview, holdings and transactions.

  • View your customer’s basic information - you can view your customer's basic information, such as address details and representatives.

  • View and modify customer memo - you can view notes you or someone else has written related to your customer, and update the notes yourself.

  • Upload, edit and delete your customer's documents - you can browse through documents stored for your customer. In addition, you can upload new documents, modify existing documents or delete documents from your customer.

  • Add, modify and complete tasks related to your customers - you can create tasks linked to your customer with all the relevant information, including for example assignee, priority, description and attachments. This allows you to record each meeting, phone call or event you engage with your customer.

Trade on behalf of your customers

  • Add trades on behalf of your customer - you can add trade orders to your customers’ portfolios for instruments that are marked as available for trading.

  • Accept or reject your customer’s trade orders - you can change the status of your customer’s open trade orders to accept or reject them.