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Access for advisors


FA’s Front allows you to tailor a most suitable tool for your advisors’ varying needs, while simultaneously removing the problem of data migration between systems. It gathers all relevant customer, portfolio and investment data combined with the functionality you need on a single platform, allowing you to efficiently manage your day-to-day work.


Provide your advisors with a tool to manage their customers

  • Provide your advisors with a customer relationship management tool according to tightening regulations - FA Front provides you with different widgets to manage and document your customer relations as required by the regulations of the financial industry. Collect know-your-client (KYC) information, and document each meeting, phone call or event you engage with your customer for control over the entire life-cycle of your customer relationship.

  • Allow your advisors to access their own customers and leads - you can allow your advisors to access their own clients' information, and mange their clients through features you want to allow them to use. You can allow each advisor to access only their own clients, or you can allow your advisors to access to access all clients in the system.

Customize the content of your FA Front

  • Build the layout and content of your FA Front - you can build the layout of your FA Front with pre-made widgets to contain the data you want your advisors to see and features you want your advisors to use. You can build a navigation for your advisors to browse through different screens, and build the content of each screen through selecting, arranging and configuring the available widgets. For example, you can set up a front page for an overview to assets under management, and other pages for your advisors to see all relevant customer information in one screen.

  • Manage access through roles - you can categorize your users into segments through roles, and provide a different layout for different kinds of users. For example, you can choose to show more detailed analysis on only certain types of clients.

Manage your daily tasks

  • View different task lists - you can browser through tasks based on predefined task lists. For example, you can browse through tasks of certain type, tasks assigned to your, or your completed tasks. In addition, you can search for tasks based on different criteria.

  • Add, modify and complete tasks - you can create new task with all the relevant information, including for example assignee, linked contact(s) and priority. You can view and task details in a table, preview or popup, and mark tasks as completed.

  • Set up a workflow based on going through a task list - you can set up a workflow for your advisors to go through their clients based on a daily task list. First task from the list can be automatically selected for the advisor, and the customer linked to the task with relevant details can be automatically opened - once a task is completed, the next task is automatically selected.

Show and manage data related to your customers

  • View and edit basic customer information - you can view your customer's basic information, such as address details and representatives, and modify your customer's basic information. In addition, you can show details stored under your client or your client's portfolios with a layout of your choice. For example, you can show the know-your-client (KYC) answers you customer has provided.

  • View and modify customer memo - you can view notes you or someone else has written related to your customer, and update the notes yourself.

  • Upload, edit and delete your customer's documents - you can browse through documents stored for your customer. In addition, you can upload new documents, modify existing documents or delete documents from your customer.

  • Add, modify and complete tasks related to your customers - you can create tasks linked to your customer with all the relevant information, including for example assignee, priority, description and attachments. This allows you to record each meeting, phone call or event you engage with your customer.

  • Draft notes related to your customer in a Notebook - you can write or draw things related to your customer, for example when you are in a meeting with your customer. You can divide the notes into different pages, and export them as PDF.

  • Show your customer's investments - in addition, you can extend your FA Front through showing your customer's investments with the functionality available in the FA Client Front module.

  • Create and modify data - in addition to viewing data in FA Front, you can create and modify data of your choice through custom data entry and modification available through the Utilities module. This allows you to create and modify data related to portfolios, contacts, transactions, securities, transactions and trade orders through FA Front, with a custom layout.

Manage your customer relationship

  • Send emails and SMS messages to your client - you can send messages to your clients one-by-one, allowing you to send a message to your client directly from FA Front. If you want to track what kind of emails have been sent and to which clients, you can choose to automatically record tasks from sent emails, linked to the email recipient.

  • Dynamically fill in your own documents with your client information - you can dynamically fill in your own PDF, RTF or XLS(X) files with information stored under your client. If you want to track what kind of documents have been filled and to which clients, you can choose to automatically record tasks from filled in documents. You can extend your document filling by sending them for your clients to approve and sign through FA Client Front and Signicat Digital Identity and Signing modules.

  • Accept or reject your clients' trade orders - you can change the status of your clients' open trade orders to "Executable" to push them forward in your trading flow, or to "Cancelled" to reject the client order.