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Analytics columns


Custom analytics columns are a powerful way to calculate and show custom values in Analytics+.

Showing and calculating custom values in Analytics+ is possible by creating an "Analytics+ Column Definition". Several solution areas apply to the column definitions, for example:

  • Present a Security Key Figure value in Analytics+. These need to be specifically added as a custom column and defined "Based on a security key figure".

  • Present a calculated column which itself is a sum, multiplication or division of fields (columns) available in Analytics+, by defining a column "Based on a formula".

  • Present a Security field as a separate Analytics+ column, by defining a column "Based on a formula".

  • Present an existing Analytics field with a specific formatting or aggregation options.

Depending on the column definition, these will show on the position level and aggregated to higher levels if defined accordingly.


Configured column definitions will show as any other column in Analytics+ tables in FA Front and FA Back, with below differences:

  • Based on a security key figure - these custom columns will not have different selectable columns for each time period, only for the given period. This is based on the feature that Security Key Figures are shown on a snapshot, where latest figure relative to the end date of the given analysis period is used. If other dates are needed, the all key figures can be accessed by creating a formula instead.

  • Based on a formula - these custom columns will have time-grouped variations of the corresponding column such as 1M, 3M, 6M, 12M and YTD in addition to the one for the selected period.