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FA Developer

FA Developer app gathers applications and services for the third-party developers who work with FA. The app lets you customize FA for your needs.

FA Developer app - GraphQL

GraphQL API. GraphiQL client lets you query FA via GraphQL API.

Reports. jsreport designer can be used to develop tailored reports runnable in FA.

Workflows. Flowable modeler lets you design business workflows to implement in external applications. You can manage workflows in the Process admin view. form builder lets you create form designs that can be accessed via GraphQL API and rendered in external applications.

Integrations. Camel platform lets you create and manage file-based integrations with other systems.

Notebooks. Jupyter notebooks let you manipulate, analyze and present data from FA and external parties, as well as to store and share your work securely.

Authentication. Access to Keycloak folders lets you manage and deploy FA custom login themes and other authentication-related customizations.