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Extensions week 1 2023 - Release notes

These features, improvements, and fixes have been released in FA AppStore during week 1 2023, allowing you to update the extensions you are using to the latest version from the FA AppStore.



  • Fixed two issues in Drift monitoring  process related to reporting warnings on strategy monitoring and having zero-valued minimum or maximum shares in strategies.

External reporting

SEB custody report

Features and improvements

  • “Bloomberg Instrument Identifier” (BloombergId) is now populated in the SEB custody report if it is provided as a security key figure.

Verdipapirfondenes Forening (VFF) reporting

Features and improvements

  • VFF report now only picks up mutual funds that are managed by the fund company, and mutual funds that the fund company distributes. All others are excluded.


Features and improvements

  • Improved contact and security profile for FATCA/CRS reporting for better user experience and consistency

Portfolio Management


  • Fixed an issue with Update security price from portfolioprocess which did not update prices in a specific scenario (no values in any profile fields). 



  • Allocation, Allocation by category and Allocation vs. Strategy reports now fetches logo from the defined place.

  • The amount column named "Beløp" has been changed to "Antall" in all the Norwegian report versions.

Task Management


  • Fixed an issue in mass modification of tasks that could cause the process to crash.

Tax Reporting

Norwegian Tax Reporting

Features and improvements

  • Norwegian tax reports PDFs now refers to the new themes (“Tema i skattemelding”) that Norwegian tax authorities introduced.

Finnish Tax Reporting


  • 9A- Computation of Capital gain and loss- report now calculates the purchase value on the basis of the "original trade amount" instead of booked trade amount.