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FA Admin Console 1.17 - Release notes

Released: March 2024

FA Admin Console 1.17 offers better usability for User management.  

Improved User management view


This update was made to provide better options for searching and filtering users and exporting data as XLSX files. Improvements are implemented based on the new user interface framework. With the new framework, development requires less time and effort and has more flexibility. The new framework is going to be applied across all FA applications.

Who is this for?

This feature is for users who handle user management in their organization.


You can now combine filters and use column content as filter attributes to find specific users, with all existing features also available with a new look. For example, you can use Last login to filter users based on when they used the system, and you can use Roles to filter users based on multiple roles to see all users with any of the roles. You can now also export all or selected users as an XLSX file, and the file is customized to enable you to identify what roles a user has in which departments.


Learn more: User management view in FA Admin Console reference.

Refresh button in Process monitoring


This feature was added to make monitoring ongoing processes more convenient.

Who is this for?

This feature is for administrators who want a deeper understanding of the processes. 


We added a refresh button in the process details side pane that allows you to update the process information without closing the side pane. This feature is useful when you want to monitor a longer-running process while it is ongoing and see its progress.


Learn more: View process details in FA Admin Console reference.


User management

  • When editing user information, the User details pane now closes automatically after you click Save.