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Standard solution 1.35 - Release notes

Released: September 13th, 2022

Standard solution 1.35 provides you with improved documentation for some fund management-related tasks and Fee capitalization. In addition, new roles and classifications according to ECB Solvency II has been added.

Documentation updates

The FA User guide documentation for setting up mutual funds has been updated to take advantage of the new Fund wizard.

Fee capitalization documentation has been updated to describe the support for only resetting accrued account without generating cash transaction when doing the capitalization.

For more information, see the topics in FA User Guide:

Setting up mutual fund

Handle accrued fees and capitalization

New roles

For clients that have FA Back users that are allowed to edit Portfolio Memo, but not the other fields on the portfolio, we have added new role PM_PM_MEMO that can be used.

We have also added separate roles for modifying and deleting transactions for clients that wish to have separate permission to delete transactions. Previously modifying and deleting transactions was included in the same role.

ECB Solvency 2 classification add-ons

Solvency II reporting includes an additional report to ECB. The Solvency II report to ECB includes almost the same info as the other SII reports, but with a few classification add-ons which have now been added to Standard Solution.

Learn more: Classify data according to Solvency II directive in FA User Guide


Portfolio management

  • All currencies are now setup with the correct number of decimals.