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Create a reconciliation file

There are two supported formats of reconciliation files in FA:

  • MT535 – If your custodian sends the data in the MT535 format, you can skip the reconciliation file creation and move on to performing the actual reconciliation (see the instruction in Reconcile a portfolio).

  • FA reconciliation file – If your custodian provides the reconciliation data in any other format than MT535, you need to transform the data into the standard FA format first.

FA reconciliation file format

The reconciliation file in FA format is a CSV file with the following characteristics:

  • The default field separator is a semicolon. You can configure FA to accept files with a different separator. The separator must be only one character.

  • The record separator must be \r\n (CRLF).

  • Numbers must use "." (point) as a decimal separator and no thousands separator.

  • If the file contains non-standard characters, the encoding must be ISO-8859-1.

  • File name can be any.

FA reconciliation file contains the following fields (the field names must be used as headers in the first row of the file):

  • portfolio: Portfolio ID (as seen in the Portfolio window in FA Back).

  • date: Date in the yyyy-MM-dd format (having two or more different dates in the file results in an error task and the file isn't processed).

  • amount: Position amount or account balance.

  • security: Any of securityCode / isin / tradeCode / updateCode1 / updateCode2 / updateCode3 is supported (either this or account is mandatory).

  • account: Account number.

  • currency: Optional. It’s recommended to include currency in the reconciliation file - the system uses this information to match positions and cash accounts in different currencies, in case they have the same ID or account number.

Download the CSV file example:


Configure field separator for reconciliation files

By default, the reconciliation files must use a semicolon as a field separator. To use some other character, you need to specify it in FA Back settings:

  1. Go to ToolsAdministerData aggregation and open the Reconciliation tab.

  2. Set the delimiter in the Delimiter field and click Close.