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Signicat Digital Identity and Signing


FA's Signicat Digital Identity and Signing provides you with secure authentication methods which you can use when your clients are logging in to FA, when authorizing specific actions, or when electronically signing documents.


Securely authenticate your users

  • Allow your end users to log in to FA via Signicat - you can allow or require certain users to authenticate themselves via Signicat in order to access FA.

  • Choose from different authentication methods - Signicat provides various strong authentication methods for many European countries, ranging from bank ID authentication to document-based methods. You can pick which authentication methods your users should use - see table below for supported identity methods.

  • Customize the appearance of your Signicat sign-in page - you can change the styling of Signicat's authentication pages to match your brand.

  • Create new users based on secure authentication information - you can choose to automatically create user accounts for individuals who authenticate themselves via Signicat but do not yet have a user account in FA. This allows you to require authentication through Signicat on first login, but utilize features of the Authentication module after first login.

Electronically sign documents

  • Send PDF-documents to electronic signing via Signicat - ensure that the selected people sign the documents you send to them in a tamper-proof way. See for more information.

  • Define one or multiple signees to a single document - you can define one or more signees for a document. If there are multiple signees, the document is considered to be signed and ready only after all the signees have signed the document.

  • Notify signees via e-mail and/or SMS - you can send customized e-mails and/or SMS messages to document signees to notify them that a document is pending their signature.

  • Authenticate signees with your authentication method(s) of choice - same authentication methods which are available for secure authentication are also available for document signing. See table below for supported identity methods.

  • Track the document signing status - view who of the signees has signed the document, and which documents were rejected or expired.

  • Automatically save signed documents into the document library - once all signees have signed your document, the signed, tamper-proof document is automatically downloaded into the FA document library.

  • Customize the appearance of your document signing page - you can change the styling of Signicat's authentication pages to match your brand.

Supported formats

Supported identity methods *

Norwegian BankID

Swedish BankID

Finnish Trust Network (FTN)

MitID (Denmmark's digital ID

* See a list of other available identity methods ( ). FA supports methods that are based on OIDC (OpenID Connect).