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Standard Solution March 2024 - Release notes

Released: March 28th, 2024

The Standard Solution March 2024 release introduces support for mass-generating trade orders for switching portfolio positions as well as other improvements and fixes.

Support for mass-generating trade orders for switching portfolio positions


We implemented this feature to facilitate switching existing positions in portfolios, for example, when discontinuing a fund or changing the model portfolio.

Who is this for? 

This update is for users who need to fully or partially switch a position to another in multiple portfolios.


You can now mass-generate transactions or trade orders based on existing positions using the Create transactions button in the Positions view. You can define the amount of the transaction or trade order as a percentage relative to the position size, and use this for fully or partially selling a position, as an alternative way of entering certain types of corporate actions, and now also for switching a position.

In the new window for creating transactions, you can define details for the redemption (or sell) leg and the subscription (or buy) leg. This creates two trade orders linked together in each portfolio. When the redemption trade order is executed, the subscription trade order is automatically updated with the redemption trade amount.

For more information, see Create transactions from positions in FA User guide.Create transactions from positions

Other improvements

Access for clients 

  • FA Client Portal role permissions were restricted to disallow the creation of transactions.


  • Introduced configurations and documentation for Roaring integration.

Data aggregation 

  • UTF-8 BOM encoded files are now supported in data imports with custom mappings.


  • Additional options were added for defining details in PAIN.001 files in outgoing payments.

Portfolio management 

  • Monthly investments and divestments now support defining the bank account, security settlement offsets, and holiday calendars to use.


  • Improved Swedish translations in report 9A - Computation of capital gain and loss.

Trade order management 

  • Improved documentation for bulk trade order execution and support for partial executions.

  • Standard trading configurations now support cancellation and replacement requests.



  • Fixed issues with Signicat Sign that occurred in FA Back versions 3.21 and 3.22 when sending documents for signing and retrieving signed documents.

Data aggregation 

  • FA-to-FA synchronization now shows an error task when the receiving API responds with a general error, such as invalid authentication details.

External reporting 

  • Unsettled redemptions and subscriptions are now correctly reported in EUR in the SIRA report.

  • Subscriptions and redemptions in non-portfolio currencies are now reported with values in the correct currencies and with correct FX rates in the SIRA report.

  • Unsettled transactions are now reported based on the position date selected for the SIRA report.

  • Fixed an issue in the SIRA report that caused accrued interest based on interest transactions to be reported incorrectly.

Fee management 

  • The configurable performance fee now takes into account dividends and costs which were missing in the previous version of the formula.

  • The configurable fee formulas can now be run in portfolios with transactions with long external IDs.

Fund management 

  • Fixed an issue with the FX hedge formula that was missing profits and losses due to changes in yield curve values after NAV calculation.

Market data connector 

  • Bloomberg debt instrument mapping can now fetch coupon details for debt instruments.

  • Bloomberg debt instrument mapping now applies a multiplier of 100 for bonds with missing redemption value information in Bloomberg.


  • Fixed an issue in the Reconciliation - Accounts report that caused non-portfolio currency account balances to be reported in the wrong currency.

Tax reporting 

  • The Norwegian tax ASK report no longer reports sell transactions with large negative rounding errors as withdrawals.

Trade order management 

  • Default trading tag configurations are now added to new installations.