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Business rules

Rules are a powerful way to customize the behavior of FA. Rules can be used to trigger event-based actions when certain criteria are fulfilled for contacts, portfolios, transactions, trade orders and securities. You can, for example, automatically calculate transaction fees, change trade orders status, initiate payments etc. The basic idea of a rule is to check the target and its attributes and based on the conditions, trigger a consequence.

FA Platform contains a business rule engine called Drools engine. You can create rules dynamically into FA Platform using Excel-based decision tables. Authored decision tables can be deployed from FA’s decision table administration and created using Microsoft Excel.

Getting started


To define business rules using the Excel based decision tables, you need to have access FA Decision table administration.

Main steps to create a decision table are:

  1. Create the decision table definition in XLSX format.

  2. Upload the decision table to FA from FA Back's Decision table administration view and click Reload rules from document bank to deploy it.

After you have reloaded the decision table it will immediately take effect in FA Back if it doesn't contain any errors.

To create your first decision table, follow the instructions in Create, deploy and verify a decision table.

Check out our sample decision tables: Portfolio decision tables, Contact decision tables, Security decision tables, Transaction and trade order decision tables.

You can also download a generic template for creating a new decision table with guiding comments. It imports the Contact, Portfolio, Security, Transaction classes, as well as the classes needed for profiles and key figures: