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Standard solution 1.26 - Release notes

Standard solution 1.26 has been released.

Standard solution 1.26

Contains: Improvements in existing features

Released: March 29th, 2022

Improvements - see attached Standard solution 1.26 Release notes for more details:

Standard Solution 1.26 Release notes.pdf

  • Optional package for mutual fund companies to report NAV and dividends to NAV-Center.

  • Optional package to export portfolio holdings to Bloomberg PORT.

  • Reports are now restricted to relevant roles.

  • Support for Monthly withdrawals process that generates monthly withdrawal transactions to the selected portfolios.

  • Support fort deferring account balances.

  • Possibility to launch Deferral process against multiple portfolios.

  • Additional host name selection in Bank and custody connection configuration to be able to use Danske Bank new sFTP setup.