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Extensions week 46 2022 - Release notes

These features, improvements, and fixes have been released in FA AppStore during week 46 2022, allowing you to update the extensions you are using to the latest version from the FA AppStore.



  • Fixed an issue where profit and loss bookkeeping postings were incorrect if generated in account or security currency.

External reporting

Verdipapirfondenes Forening (VFF) reporting

Features and improvements

  • New VFF Fund Report for reporting to Verdipapirfondenes Forening (VFF) in Norway. Norwegian fund companies need to report some statistics on a regular basis to Verdipapirfondenes Forening (VFF). 

Finnish Tax reporting

Features and improvements

  • VSRKOERI report is harmonized with other tax reports and now uses class 3/security profile for security type filtering instead of using filtering based on transaction type. Together with this, VSRKOERI has been added to classification field description in Finnish tax reporting security profile.

SIRA/PEF reporting

Features and improvements

  • New SIRA/PEF classification of sectors will enter into force on 1st of January 2023. The new classification of sectors includes sub-levels of Wellbeing services country administration. The SIRA/PEF contact profile has been updated with the new classification options to meet the new regulatory requirements. 


  • Fixed an issue where Capital flow was not populated to the SIRA/PEF report. Capital flows are now populated to report in the scenario where the security does not have a linked portfolio.

Fee Management


  • FUND-AMFEE, FUND-AMFEE2, FUND-AMFEE2-ACTACT, FUND-AMFEE-DAILY, FUND-APFEE2, FUND-APFEE2-ACTACT, MAN-RELP, MAN-RELP2, MAN-RELP3, MAN-RELP-SUB, FUND-AKBS, FUND-AKBS-ACTACT, FUND-AKBSD, CONF-MFEE fee formulas now uses dirty market value that includes accruals. Before, accruals was excluded from the market value used in the calculations.

Fund Management


  • Fixed an XML-schema saving issue within SEB custody report installation.



  • Scheduled runs of Send documents to Signicat process no longer send all documents with Document signing tag for signing. It now only sends documents with Document signing-Waiting tag.

  • Send documents to Signicat process now works properly also for non-fa-admin users. Earlier it prevented any other than fa-admin users to send documents.

Trade Order Management

Features and improvements

  • Mass-adjust trades process has been improved with the possibility to also input Cost 2. Previously it was only possible to use Cost 1 or Cost 2, but now both can be used at the same time. Also, the process now has an option to input a percentage in addition to a “fixed fee” in the cost field(s).



  • Fixed an issue with broken user interfaces after dependency upgrade.