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Analyze portfolio limits


Once you’ve set limits on your portfolios, you can track them either by portfolio or run them as a mass on multiple portfolios at once.

Different ways to track limits

  1. Click the Limit run from selected portfolio’s Limit tab

    You can run different limits individually (Post-trade, Pre-trade, Investment plan) or Analyse all limits

  2. Click the Limit run from portfolio view (filter out the portfolios that you want to track).

  3. Fund NAV unit price calculation will check limits automatically

Where to see the latest Limit results

At the portfolio level, you can see the limit results for each portfolio on the Limits tab for that portfolio.


Limit value column shows <minimum value> / <calculated current value> / <maximum value>


These minimum and maximum values are used as a warning levels if limits are done from investment plan / strategy or model portfolio.