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Debt instruments (bonds)


A special feature of debt instruments are the coupons they pay. In addition, these instruments usually have a predetermined maturity date and price.

How to add a new debt instrument

For more details, see Security window in FA Back reference.


Note that usually debt instruments are valued as a percentages of par. You can make this work in FA by putting the multiplier 100 in both Multiplier fields.


The Extra info tab of the security can be used to fill in all the bond specific information. For more details, see Security window in FA Back reference.


How to add buy and sell transactions

When you buy a debt instrument, you usually also buy the accumulated coupon. Likewise when you sell a debt instrument, you also sell the accrued interest.

Once you have set the correct information for the security (in security’s Extra info tab) and the dates for the transaction, you can calculate the accrued interest by typing “?” in the Accrued interest field.


Accrued interest in holdings

The system calculates the accrued interest for the position. The accrued interest can be seen e.g. in Overview and Analytics+.


Note, that the accrued coupon between transaction and settlement date is fetched from the transaction.

Coupon payout

When it is time to realize the coupon payment, there are two tools to help creating the transactions:

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