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Top menu

All key functions are available for you in the top toolbar – you can find relevant functions structured as menus on the left, or ordered with descriptive icons on the right.


The New menu allows you to manually create something new into the system.

  • New report generates a new report from the Report window.

  • New contact creates a new contact in the Contact window

  • New portfolio creates a new portfolio in the Portfolio window

  • New security creates a new security in the Security window

  • New transaction creates a new transaction in the Transaction window (choose the security type of the transaction from the menu - the available security types are listed in the order defined in Preferences - Security types)

  • New trade order creates a new trade order in the Trade order window (choose the security type of the trade order from the menu - the available security types are listed in the order defined in Preferences - Security types)

  • New corporate action creates a new corporate action in the Corporate action window

  • New contract creates a new contract in the Contract window

The Tools menu allows you to launch standard or custom processes of general nature installed to your FA through FA AppStore.FA AppStore

The Update menu allows you to recalculate the portfolio report data of the selected portfolio or all portfolios, or show the status of ongoing report recalculations. Every time you click an option from the Update menu, you get notified with a pop up indicating which option was clicked.

Functionality relates to revaluating securities

This menu is visible only if your user role has a permission to revaluate securities.

The Revaluate all securities menu items allow you to recalculate the discount factors for a specific time period on all your securities with the base type DISCOUNT and other relevant information. Discount factors on a security are never calculated before the beginning of the position or after the maturity date, and all calculations are done until yesterday. Revaluating securities will always trigger a report recalculation to update the effect of the new values to your portfolios - report recalculation will affect all portfolios that contain the securities that receive a new valuation. More details on the options available in the menu through Valuation of forward cashflows.

The Import menu allows you to import data into the system: select the data you want to import and import your file in the Import window.