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Manage securities

To maintain information about securities in FA, you can enter it manually, import it in a file, or fetch it from a market data provider: Bloomberg, Morningstar, Morningstar OnDemand, CoinGecko, EOD Historical Data, Refinitiv, Stamdata, or Keldan.

To create or update security reference data and market prices, see the following instructions:

  • Add a security – Enter security information manually in FA Back.

  • Create and update securities based on the information fetched from the market data provider:

    • Get security data – Receive the latest security data and market prices for the specified securities from the market data provider. Note that if you have a market data connector set up, EOD prices for all fetched securities are updated automatically every night.

    • Get extended security data – Fetch extended reference information that might change with time, such as allocations or outstanding shares.

  • Import security information and market prices in a file – Upload a CSV file that contains security information and market prices. For instructions, see File formats for importing securities and security prices in FA Back.

If some securities aren't used, you can hide them from the Overview and from the list of options in the Transaction window: see Hide unused securities.