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Client reporting

FA embeds jsreport, an online report building tool. It allows you to develop custom reports of various file formats (PDF, XLSX, etc.) that your users may generate directly from FA.


FA Solutions does not offer support for using jsreport. If you require a support plan for jsreport, please contact jsreport directly at

Getting started


To get started, the following prerequisites need to be met:

  • FA version 3.8 or higher

  • access to the FA Developer app

  • username and password to access jsreport

  • the jsreport setup package installed in FA (see Optional packages in FA Admin guide)

  • basic understanding of HTML, CSS and (optionally) JavaScript

Reports view in FA Developer app

The jsreport UI is accessed through the Reports view in FA Developer App. If the jsreport UI asks you to log in, enter your jsreport credentials.

The Reports view provides you access to the jsreport designer – an online tool to develop custom report templates. FA users can generate these reports from FA Back, FA Front and FA Fund Management apps.

FA Developer - Reports view

The installed report templates are shown in the panel on the left. Navigate through the folders to view the template in the editor and test the report.

Building reports with FA using jsreport

  • To learn jsreport and how it integrates with FA, follow tutorials in this section and watch our webinar FA JSReport 101 webinar (February 22nd 2022).

  • Use FA's Sample reports as they are, or as templates, to build your own custom reports.

  • Follow the jsreport official documentation.

  • Check out our article on available parameters to gain an overview of variables received by jsreport when a report is invoked by FA: Parameters for dynamic report. This could be, for example, the start date and end date of the reporting period, a list of portfolio IDs to query, GraphQL authentication parameters, etc.

  • Learn more about FA's GraphQL endpoints and how to query them: API integrations.