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Add market prices in FA Back

To fill in the market prices manually in FA Back, use one of the options:

  • Update securities one by one in the Security view. This way you can focus on editing a single security of your choice.

  • Fill in prices for multiple securities in one go in the Market price view. For example, you can update the values of all your Real estate type of investments at end-of-year without having to add prices security-by-security in the Security window.

Add market prices per security

To add market prices for a security in FA Back:

  1. Open the security in the Securities view and go to the Market data info tab.

  2. Click Add market data. Choose the date of the market price entry, and enter the market prices. You can find the field description in FA Back reference, Market data info.

  3. Click Save.

The market prices in the table are updated.

Add market prices for multiple securities

To simultaneously add market prices for multiple securities in FA Back:

  1. Open the Market price view, choose the security type (mandatory), date (mandatory), and portfolios and click Search. The list of securities opens.

  2. Go through the list and enter new market prices in the New price column. Note, that if there is an existing price for the chosen date, it is deleted after you save the new price.

  3. Click Save and update reports. This saves the market price entries you defined, and updates the report data to calculate new market values for your positions.