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Calculate management fees


Management fees can be calculated from your clients' portfolios with FA's standard functionalities.

These instructions assume that you have already configured the fee calculation, as detailed in Configure a fee formula

Calculate fees and handle settlement dates

Calculate fees

  1. Go to the Fee calculation view.

  2. Click New fee calculation.

  3. Select Management fee (MFEE) or Performance fee (PFEE) as Transaction type. The selection depends on the type of fee you want to calculate and the type of fee you have configured, as detailed in Configure a fee formula

  4. Define the Calculation date and select applicable Groups, contacts, portfolios.

  5. Click Run & close. You are presented with the calculated fees. If all seem good, you can accept the fees by clicking Accept and run.

Set the settlement date

  1. Go to the Transactions view and select the view Transactions without Settlement date.

  2. Make sure that the listing contains only the transactions that you would like to set the settlement date for (use additional filtering if needed).

  3. Click Modify transactions at the bottom of the page.

  4. Double check that the listing contains the correct transactions and click Next.

  5. Select Set settlement date and click Next.

  6. Set the Settlement date and click OK.

  7. Verify the listing and click OK to store the settlement date.