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Extensions week 28 2022 - Release notes

These features, improvements and fixes have been released in FA AppStore during week 28 2022, allowing you to update the extensions you are using to the latest version from the FA AppStore.


Features and improvements

  • You can now handle which bookkeeping postings to export using SIE Export using latest reported number instead of posting status.


Features and improvements

  • You can now define client-specific transaction thresholds in anti-money laundering monitoring.

External Reporting

PEF reporting


  • Additional incorrect ITEM rows are no longer included in the PEF report.

MiFiR reporting


  • Transactions rejected by Finansinspektionen in Sweden are now again updated with the rejection reason in internal info.

FA Front

Features and improvements

  • FA Front trading now supports defining trade orders in amount as well as trade amount in portfolio or account in the same window using the same configuration.

Fee management

Features and improvements

  • A new configurable fee formula that supports easy configuration of multiple different types of fees and can replace most of the existing formulas.

Market data connector


  • Session handling has been improved in the SIX market data connection.

Model portfolio management

Features and improvements

  • Create composite investment plan now gives a summary view of the created investment plans before saving.

Trade order management


  • Bulk trade orders no longer include trade orders with a tag to exclude from bulking.

  • The trade order execution option in Validate trade orders has been fixed.

  • Missing parameter that prevented Bulk trade order execution from running has been added back.