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Export positions from FA

You can export positions from FA to reconcile or update data in another FA instance, or in a third-party system that supports any of the provided file formats.

FA can export positions in the following file formats:

  • FA format (.csv)

  • SWIFT MT535 (.txt)

  • SQL query result (.xlsx)

FA can reconcile and update positions from FA format (.csv), and reconcile positions from SWIFT MT535 format (.txt) (see Reconcile a portfolio).

Generate FA format (CSV)

To generate a CSV file with positions:

  1. Make sure the positions export and the Date offset are set up. For instructions, see Set up positions export in FA Admin guide.

  2. Go to the Portfolios view and search for portfolios to export positions for.

  3. Click Create reportPositions export at the bottom of the view.

As a result, positions are saved in the CSV format on disk, in /back-writable/integrations/positions. In addition, depending on configurations, they can be saved in the Tasks view or emailed to the addresses defined.

The task can be found with the "Query Positions export results" title.


Position export in CSV file can be scheduled if needed (see Scheduling in FA Admin guide).

Generate a SWIFT MT535 (TXT)

The SWIFT MT535 file format is used to report, at a specified moment in time, the quantity and identification of financial instruments that the account servicer maintains for the account owner (for more information, see the MT535 specification). FA can export this file with position balances per transaction date or per settlement date. If generated for multiple portfolios, the output MT535 file contains one message per portfolio. Each message gets a unique header and reference. 

To generate the SWIFT MT535 file:

  1.  Install one or both (depending on your need) optional packages below. For instructions, see Optional packages in FA Admin guide.

    • SWIFT MT535 (settlement date-based)

    • SWIFT MT535 (transaction date-based)

  2. Add two ID entries to each of the portfolios you generate MT535 for. For instructions, see Portfolio window

    • External name: SenderBIC, External ID: The 8-character BIC of the sender of the MT535.

    • External name: ReceiverBIC, External ID: The 8-character BIC of the receiver of the MT535.

  3. Add a Book entry to each of the target portfolios you generate the MT535 for. For instructions, see Basic info. The portfolio's Book entry corresponds to the ID of the Safekeeping Account at the receiver of the MT535.

  4. Open the Report window in FA Back and choose "SWIFT MT535 (settlement date-based)" or "SWIFT MT535 (transaction date-based) from the report list, a contact/portfolio/group of portfolios, a report date, and "TXT" as the file format. For more detailed instructions on how to generate reports, see Report window.

View positions with a pre-defined SQL query and export the results (XLSX)

You can view portfolio positions in FA Back:

  1. Open the Queries view (see Queries view) and choose the Positions export query tab.

  2. Select a portfolio from the drop-down and (optionally) define the End date to fetch the positions for (if you leave it empty, the current date is used).

  3. Export the results to your computer in XLSX format by clicking the overview_excel.pngicon at the top-right.