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The exchange corporate action can be used as a tool for recording exchanges, i.e. in situations where one security is exchanged into one or more other securities.

In addition to directly exchanging one security to another, the exchange corporate action supports dividing the purchase values of the original security to the new securities received in the exchange, as well as exchanging securities with different currencies. The exchange corporate action can be used for example for recording changes of security, spin-offs, redemption shares and convertible bonds. The exchange corporate action creates one transaction per open purchase lots for each new security added, calculates the amount for the transactions from the ratio and the position of the chosen security in the portfolio, and uses the percentage share of the original purchase value of the position as the trade amount of the created transaction.

The exchange corporate action can be recorded to the system through the Corporate action window with the following information (a star indicates a mandatory field):

Removed security*

The security that is exchanged to another security (i.e. choose the security that is removed from the portfolio and exchanged into some other security).

Exchange date*

The date of the exchange. The exchange date will become the transaction date of the transaction created.

Transaction type*

he transaction type for the transactions to be created (if recording exchanges, select "Exchange" or similar).

To the fields below, define the security / securities the removed security is exchanged to (add a new row for each new security you receive from the exchange). New securities can be added with the + button, and exchange information can be defined in the fields available per security added:

New security*

The security that is received in the exchange.

Exchange ratio*

The exchange ratio (for example 1:2). The ratio defines how many new securities are received with one removed security.

Fx rate*

The exchange rate used, if the currency of the removed security is different from the currency of the new security. By default, the exchange rate it 1 (exchanged securities are of the same currency).

Share (%)*

The percent of the purchase value of the original security will be transferred as the purchase value of the new security. By default, the share is 100 % (the whole purchase value of removed security is transferred to the new security, usually the case when exchanging one security to another).

However, if a security is exchange into two securities (for example due to a spin-off) the purchase value of the removed security might be divided unevenly to the new securities: the division of the original purchase value of the removed security is defined to this field as a percentage.


The exchange corporate action does not support changing a security to itself. If you need to exchange a security to itself, for example when recording a spin-off (a security spins off to itself and a new security), the removed security has to first be exchanged to a "temporary security" (create one to the system) and the temporary security can then be exchanged back to the original security with a new exchange corporate action.

A new corporate action is created with the OK button below the corporate action information. Remember to run the corporate action to your portfolio(s) in order to create appropriate transactions to your portfolios.