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Extensions week 24 2022 - Release notes

These features, improvements and fixes have been released in FA AppStore during week 24 2022, allowing you to update the extensions you are using to the latest version from the FA AppStore.


Features and improvements

  • You can now export the result from Drift tracker process to XLSX – instead of XLS-format files, which allows for larger exports.

Corporate Actions


  • Improved logic in the Coupons and Expirations process to fix a problem when creating coupon corporate actions.

External Reporting

MiFiR reporting

Features and improvements

  • Report generation time is now set to transaction's Internal info field when user clicks Done to save the report. The information can be used to follow up if reporting was done in time or not.


  • Fixed issues where Country of branch membership was incorrectly reported.

  • Value "NORE" now works to report as Executing person.



  • Address is now always populated correctly in the file.

  • Swedish CRS/DAC2 report now includes portfolios that were closed during the calendar year.

FA Front


  • Send message (front) process no longer gives false positive notification of sent email if sending fails.

FA Fund management

Features and improvements

  • Accrued management fee formula (AMFEE) now supports subportfolio structures.


  • FX hedge fee formulas now uses correct period when NAV is not daily.

Market Data Connector

Features and improvements

  • New integration to CoinGecko that provides cryptocurrency market data and basic security reference data.

  • New Fetch intraday prices process that fetches intraday prices in a standardized way. Useful especially for Mutual Funds that has cut-off during day and set NAV that day.



  • Costs - Ex-post cost and charges report now includes Danish translations.

  • Transactions report now properly filters the transactions based on IDs.

Trade Order Management

Features and improvements

  • Bulk order execution process now has a new configuration to be able to define on security type level if client orders always should be kept at same final cash amount or not.



  • Fixed an issue where date could not be entered under FAField in Define data mapping for external integrations.

  • Design based importer now fills in values properly into CustomPopupDateFields.