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FA Client Portal

FA Client Portal is an app that provides access to investment information for your clients. The app runs in the web browser on desktop and mobile devices.


Overview provides a quick glance at the client’s assets, profit and available cash. The user can view the aggregated data from all portfolios or for a chosen portfolio.

Holdings view shows the client’s investments.

Transactions view shows the client’s transactions for a chosen time period. The user can view the transaction details by tapping a transaction.

Orders view shows the client’s trade orders. For each order in the list, the user can view the total market value and unrealized profit since start. The user can cancel trade orders that haven't been sent forward for execution.

Documents view shows documents for the selected portfolio or subportfolio. If the user selects total investments, all contact and portfolio documents are shown.

Trading view allows the user to browse securities on the markets and create buy trade orders.

Deposits and Withdrawals allow the user to deposit money to the portfolio cash account or withdraw money from it.

Contact us view shows your company's contacts.