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FA Fund Management 1.6 - Release notes

FA Fund Management 1.6 [latest updated version 1.6.0] has been released.

FA Fund Management 1.6

Contains: Smaller improvements in existing features

Released: January 18th, 2022

Improvements - see attached FA Fund Management 1.6 Release notes for more details.

FA Fund Management 1.6 Release notes.pdf

  • More flexibility to manage settlement dates on client orders and corresponding unit holder cash transactions, especially for unpaid subscriptions.

In addition to the improvements highlighted in the release notes, FA Fund Management 1.6.0 includes the following fixes:

  • Shareholder export report now shows a correct date in the title within the Shareholder registry tab, reflecting the date selected in the Shareholder registry view.

  • When creating a unit certificate, you can now properly enter the number of units also with a space as the thousand separator.

  • Unit certificates section in the shareholder details on the Shareholder registry now has a column header also for the Number column.

  • NAV data now contains a new changePf field, providing you with the change figure in portfolio currency. In addition, NAV Excel contains this new value as Change % (pf).

  • Fund details panel on NAV status now works correctly without errors also when the application is used with Safari. This was due to Safari handling dates and date selectors differently from other browsers.

  • In addition, log4j has been upgraded to the latest version of the library. This upgrade includes a fix to a recent serious security vulnerability.