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FA Front 3.10 - Release notes

FA Front 3.10 [latest updated version FA Front 3.10.1] has been released.

FA Front 3.10

Contains: Improvements in reporting

Released: April 21st, 2021

Improvements - see FA Front 3.10 Release notes for more details.

FA Front 3.10 Release notes.pdf

FA Front 3.10 Release

  • Support for generating report packages, PDF report templates and JSReport -based reports also in FA Front

In addition to the improvements highlighted in the release notes,FA Front 3.10.0 includes the following improvements and bug fixes:


  • When an end-user logs in to FA Front through an identity provider, the user is now by default automatically linked to a contact in the system through the Linked contact field, and the user will see contact and portfolio(s) based on that explicit linking. However, if the proper linking is for some reason not successful (for example user logs in the first time and creating the user and establishing the linking automatically takes a long time), the user is allowed to access FA Front based on programmatic linking just as before based on the identifier received from the identity provider. Before, this programmatic linking was only done based on contact's External ID, but now the linking is supported based on contact's Contact ID, External ID or ID, as long as the match in the system is unique. This means you are now longer required to store your users' identifiers specifically to External ID field for the automatic linking to work, but you can choose to store the identifier to any of your contacts' ID fields - all of them are gone through when determining a match for automatic linking.

Bug fixes:

  • You can now configure trade order reports for your users to generate through a trade orders listing. If you have selected to show "Trade orders" in the table component, you can now configure to generate reports that depend on tradeOrderId parameter, and if you have selected to show "Transactions in the table component, you can configure to generate reports that depend on transactionId parameter.


  • FA Front's deployment model now supports running multiple instances of FA Front in a single environment. This allows us to for example run multiple separate online environments for end-clients or internal and external FA Front at the same time. In case you have multiple instances of FA Front running in your environment, all of them are also accessible through Global App Bar to users with sufficient access rights.

  • In addition, FA Front has been restructured in the background for it to better fit our microservice architecture. For example, certain technologies have been upgraded to latest versions, and new facilities have been introduced for improved monitoring.

Updates to FA Front 3.10:

FA 3.10.1 Release notes

FA 3.10.1 is an update to FA 3.10. This update includes the following bug fixes:

  • Processes that result in report recalculations in FA Front (such as entering a trade) now work correctly without crashing when the report recalculations are initiated.

  • Performance chart now correctly shows translations for all the items within the chart (such as for date range and dates) based on logged in user's linked contact's language.

  • Table component for Securities now picks up overridden texts for column headings also for columns showing security's "cost info".

  • In addition, FA Front sessions now correctly expire after the configured time if a user closes the browser window without logging out. This ensures sessions are not kept open in the background unnecessarily.