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Set up CoinGecko market data connector


CoinGecko provides cryptocurrency market data. They have both free and paid plans available; while the free plan can be used for testing and irregular data fetching, it's recommended to subscribe to a paid plan for any mission-critical data fetching. For more information, see CoinGecko's API page.

Setting up

Enable the CoinGecko market data from ToolsAdministerMarket Data Connectors.

Choose which close field to use and open the respective tab. If there's already a connector defined on a Close field, use the trash bin icon to remove the existing connector. Click Add provider and select CoinGecko from the drop-down list.

Enter Free or paid plan and optionally the Date offset override.

If you selected Paid plan, fill the API token that is available for you in CoinGecko's Developer's dashboard.

The Date offset override is used to control for which date the prices are imported. By default, since CoinGecko provides the data for 00:00:00 GMT each day, the prices are imported with the offset of "-1", meaning that the prices are imported for the previous date. If your time zone is vastly different from GMT, you might want to use some value here to control the date for which the prices are imported. If this field is left empty, the default value of "-1" will be used in the importing of prices.

When done with the selections, click Done.