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FA Back 3.11 - Release notes

FA Back 3.11 [latest updated version FA Back 3.11.6] has been released.

FA Back 3.11

Contains: Improvements in existing features and architecture

Released: July 16th, 2021

Improvements - see attached FA Back 3.11 Release notes for more details.

FA Back 3.11 Release notes.pdf

  • Improvements in reporting, including saving more information on your report package, scheduling report generations and a status report from past generations

  • Date validation to ensure entered dates are within a reasonable range

  • Extended configurations for tags, including improved preferences and options to control when tags are visible

  • Support for mapping roles for created users based on linked contact's characteristics

  • Architectural improvements in the background to allow FA to automatically scale under increased workload

In addition to the improvements highlighted in the release notes, FA Back 3.11.0 includes the following bug fixes and improvements:

Bug fixes:

  • Header and footer of standard reports no longer unnecessarily show the name of the group the report generation was done against, when you have selected to generate "report per customer" or "report per portfolio" - instead, the header and footer correctly show the name of the customer or the portfolio the report is generated against. Group name is shown in the header and footer only if the report aggregates all portfolios within the group with option "one report".

  • When generating a report against a group with options "Report per portfolio" or "Report per customer" and with parameter "Language of portfolio/customer", the reports are now correctly generated with the language of the portfolio/customer, even when the group contains customers and portfolios with different languages.

  • Mass-generating reports in the background no longer can result in a scenario that reports get mixed up. For example, in a scenario that your report name is configured to only consists of "contact name", it was possible to end up in a situation where two different people with the same name get the same report to documents or by e-mail, because the reports were generated with that name one-by-one and the second report overwrites the first one. This scenario is no longer possible - the report generation now stops and logs a warning if such an overwrite is going to happen.

  • When sending a report via email, Scandinavian characters (ä, ö and å) in the attached report file's file name are now converted to standard characters (a and o) in order to ensure all email clients interpret the attachment names correctly.

  • You can now open a report as a tab on the Overview without an error in all scenarios - before, opening a first report tab occasionally resulted in an unnecessary error.

  • When sending a report via email from a saved report tab on the Overview, the email is now correctly sent as Excel when "File format xlsx" is selected. Before, reports were always sent as PDF regardless of the file format selection.

  • Drill down (including positions from linked portfolios) no longer shows positions that are outside of the holding period of position that is linked to the portfolio. That is, if Security A is linked to Portfolio A, and Portfolio A has a position starting from 1.1.2020, when Investor B invests into Security A on 1.1.2021, the analysis show the underlying position correctly from 1.1.2021 onward (when investor invested), no longer from 1.1.2020 onward (when the position originally appeared in the linked portfolio).

  • When valuating positions, the calculation logic now only uses "active" currency crosses stored in the system - "passive" and "closed" crosses are disregarded, and FX rates stored on them are not considered in the calculations. This allows you to more flexibly decide which values the system uses when calculating positions' values.

  • Extended search with tags in Contacts, Portfolios and Securities views now correctly works only with an exact match.

  • Clicking "Save" in the Trade order window for an existing trade order no longer unnecessarily shows the "External ID is already in use" warning - this warning is now only shown when it is appropriate, same as with the "Save & close" button.

  • Security importer no longer enters an unnecessary white space instead of an empty "Update code" when trying to keep an update code field untouched with *** in the field. Now, an update code remains empty if it was empty when updating data through importing with three stars in any of the Update code fields.

  • Import window now correctly shows the result of validating values imported into Class 1 through Class 5. With successful import, the value is shown in the summary, and if an import fails due to incorrect value for Class 1 through 5, the Import window now shows an appropriate error message.

  • When importing security prices programmatically through the general importer, import mode 2 (update only) now correctly updates existing prices.

  • Portfolio's name is now correctly shown in Rebalance window's mouseover within the included portfolios listing in all scenarios, not only when the portfolio is linked to a model portfolio.

  • Clicking "Save and update reports" on the Market prices view now confirms "Are you sure you want to save and update reports?", and proceeds with the update only when confirmed. After the confirmation, the screen is refreshed.

  • Transaction types are now listed with their name instead of their code in the Corporate actions view with proper transaction type filtering, making it easier for you to filter the list of corporate actions through selecting a specific transaction type.

  • Categorized key figures based on text (string) are now correctly shown with their value instead of their code in the search views, allowing you to correctly filter your data with the key figure value.

  • Exporting posting rules from Posting rule Preferences as an Excel now correctly produces a "Microsoft Excel Worksheet" with file extension .xlsx. Before, even though the file extension was correct, the file type was using an older Excel format.

  • Right-clicking in the background of any document listing on a section where no documents are listed no longer results in an unnecessary error.

  • Groups view now longer unnecessarily shows the same portfolio under "Available portfolio" and "Chosen portfolios" after saving a portfolio group - each portfolio is now shown only on one of the sides.

  • Database Preferences are now disabled with a message "Database replication is not enabled" if a replica database is not available within the environment.

  • Fixed an issue related to the size of the "Holiday calendar" field for securities with the base type CURRENCY - the field is now again regular size.

  • Reports that are sent via email from the system now have special characters in the file name replaced with equivalents that are compatible with most e-mail programs.


  • Performance of searching transactions or trade orders based on a portfolio group on the corresponding search view has been optimized through restructuring how the transaction / trade order search against a list of portfolio IDs within a group is done. With a lot of transactions and trade orders in the system, a search against a portfolio group now works more optimally than before.

Developer tools:

  • Populatable components are now supported also in design-based profiles and design-based importer, allowing you to populate options within your custom design-based profiles with data in FA.

  • In addition, Vaadin’s standard DateField and multiselect components such as OptionGroup and RadioButtonGroup now work in design-based profiles, saving the data entered with such fields correctly.

  • FX rate values (marketFxRate, fxRate, purchaseFxRate, recordFxRate) are now included in serialized Analytics data when includeData=true.

  • JSON values stored as string into a profile are now correctly recognized as JSON with GraphQL queries.

Updates to FA Back 3.11:

FA 3.11.1 Release notes

FA 3.11.1 is an update to FA 3.11. This update includes the following bug fixes:

  • "Download reports (PDF)" now works correctly in the Generated reports tab in the Report window, ignoring the status report (Report_summary.csv) and downloading a combined PDF out of the generated PDF reports.

  • When generating a report package "to documents" through scheduling a report package, the document tags defined within the report parameters are now correctly added to the file saved to document bank.

  • When sending a report "via email" through scheduling a report package, the status report (Report_summary.csv) now correctly shows the email address the report was sent to.

  • Status report from report generation (Report_summary.csv) now converts Scandinavian characters (ä, ö and å) in customer and portfolio names within the report to standard characters (a and o) in order to ensure these characters are interpreted in a reasonable way when opening the report.

  • In addition, generating PDF report templates to groups now again works correctly.

  • Tags with role restrictions now work correctly even when the user doesn't have the first role in the list - user can use the tag when the user has any of the roles the tag is restricted to.

  • Group tags for portfolio's accounts now correctly appear in the Accounts tab in the Portfolio window also when creating a new account (and not only when modifying an existing account).

  • In addition, the system no longer adds an extra comma at the end when saving tag groups, ensuring empty tags are not shown in tag listings.

  • Analytics+ now accurately tracks realized profits when including positions from linked portfolios. When your portfolio contains a security that is linked to a portfolio, you can analyze your portfolio "Including positions from linked portfolios in Analytics+". This drill down includes underlying portfolios’ positions relative to the market value of the position versus the market value of the underlying portfolio. This works well for example for "market value", "purchase value" and "other profits", but to track "realized profits" accurately, this method is not enough - realized profits attributable to the position should consider when the position was created and use that day’s market value as the purchase value to calculate the realized profit. To make the realized profit calculations accurate, the drill down logic now adjusts the realized profits by considering unrealized profits on the day when the underlying position is included in the analysis.

  • Fixed an issue in Analytics+ drill down logic, introduced in version FA 3.11 - drill down no longer fails if multiple positions in different securities are linked to the same portfolio.

  • Fixed an issue related to concurrently calculating fees (e.g. programmatically) based on a cost formula occasionally lead to an error.

  • In addition, this version ensures that automatic upgrade scripts for transaction listings are run only ones during the upgrade, and that production environments are not unnecessarily trying to use a development version of Importing microservice.

FA 3.11.2 Release notes

FA 3.11.2 is an update to FA 3.11. This update includes the following bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue that not having any tags in certain categories (document tags, contact tags, etc.) prevented from opening the main windows, such as Contact, Portfolio, Security and Transaction / Trade order window. Now the system and main windows work correctly even if you don't have certain kinds of tags defined in Preferences (e.g. you don't have any document tags defined).

FA 3.11.3 Release notes

FA 3.11.3 is an update to FA 3.11. This update includes the following bug fixes:

  • Options within the dynamic group rule "Portfolio tags" in Groups view now correctly lists portfolio tags, not account tags. This issue was introduced in version FA 3.11.

  • Unrealized and realized profits in Analytics+ now show correct values against the purchase value after an exchange. This is what the user expects to see for unrealized and realized profits, even though from TWR calculation's point of view realized and unrealized profits after the exchange should be based on the market values in the date of the exchange. Now only the daily profit and loss (used in TWR calculation) is against the market values in the exchange.

  • Exchanges now result in a correct TWR even in a scenario when an exchange is on a security whose price is split at the same time of the exchange. Calculation logic is no longer based on the new security’s market unit price, but it is now based on the previous position's total market value allocated using the "allocation share" (calculated using the new position's, or the exchange transaction's, trade amount divided by original position's purchase trade amount).

FA 3.11.4 Release notes

FA 3.11.4 is an update to FA 3.11. This update includes the following bug fixes and improvements:

  • Fixed an issue related to report generation occasionally printing errors on the log even when reports were generated successfully.

  • This version introduces new transaction type effects and options to ensure Private Equity transaction types' effects can be configured as extensively as before. You can now configure your PE transaction types' effects also through new "Commitment types" "Trade amount" and "Difference between trade amount and price", and explicitly define a "Paid in capital type" to determine how Paid in capital is affected. Before, “Commitment type” controlled both “Paid in capital” and “Commitment”. Now, if “Paid in capital effect” hasn't been defined, the transaction's effect on paid in capital is based on the previous logic. If “Paid in capital effect” has been defined, transaction's effect on paid in capital and remaining commitment is an aggregate of both of these effects.

FA 3.11.5 Release notes

FA 3.11.5 is an update to FA 3.11. This update includes the following bug fixes:

  • This version fixes issues in upgrading to version FA 3.11.4. Due to an incorrectly-placed upgrade script, after an upgrade to FA 3.11.4, Transaction type Preferences were shown as empty (even through transaction types exist in database) and transaction-related errors were shown on various views. This versions ensures the upgrade goes through the required steps.

FA 3.11.6 Release notes

FA 3.11.6 is an update to FA 3.11. This update includes the following bug fixes:

  • Status report from report generation now provides a proper status when reports are sent via email and the email sending from FA fails. In addition, status report now differentiates between "GENERATION FAILED" and "SENDING FAILED", providing more information on what went wrong during report generation and sending.

  • When users concurrently start sending reports via email, the email title and content no longer get mixed up. Before, if user started sending reports via email while another email sending initiated by another user was still in progress, the email title and content defined by the second user were also used for finishing the first user's email sending.

  • Rebalancing now correctly considers accrued interest in the market value and share of the rebalanced positions (i.e. using the dirty market value or market value including accrued interest), resulting in more accurate results when using rebalancing on portfolios with bond positions.

  • Cashflows from an FX Spot contract are now generated with correct "Report FX rate" also when neither of the cashflows is in portfolio currency. In such a case, the system now sets the FX rates of the cashflows so that they combined are equal to the contract FX rate. This is done by diverting both FX rates equally from the market rate. For example, EUR portfolio has USD/SEK FX Spot with rate 10. The EUR/SEK rate is 10 and the EUR/USD rate is 1,25. Market rate USD/SEK would be 8 (10/1,25), but the system adjusts both with sqrt(10/8) division or multiplication depending on whether the currency is base or quote.