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FA Operations 1.0 - Release notes

Released: December 2023

FA Operations is a new application designed to manage middle- and back-office operations with automated workflows. This application facilitates the optimization of processes for investment management firms, offering increased automation and connectivity with third-party entities.

FA Operations will gradually over the next few years replace FA Back for operations-related functionalities. The objective with FA Operations is to renew the user interface, construct streamlined workflows, and refine product-market alignment.

The initial focus of FA Operations is on reconciliation and we plan to incorporate additional functionalities over time. Users have the flexibility to run FA Operations concurrently with FA Back.



This feature was introduced to address the challenges many clients face with reconciliation. Our aim is to present an enhanced user interface, providing a clear overview of reconciliation status and intuitive workflows.

Who is this for?

The reconciliation functionality of FA Operations is designed for anyone involved in position and account reconciliation.


Within the new reconciliation functionality of FA Operations, users can specify external data sources from which reconciliation material is expected. Additionally, users can define a schedule for the anticipated arrival of reconciliation material. In the event of a delay, notifications prompt users to take appropriate action, such as contacting the custodian.

The Overview displays the status of open reconciliations, offering both an aggregated view (All items) and a breakdown per data source through graphical components. This view also provides insights into upcoming reconciliations.

Users can delve into reconciliation result details in the Overview, comparing differences between the FA Platform and external sources. They can assign mismatches to specific users, add comments, or mark the mismatch as resolved.

The History view provides users with a comprehensive overview of all historical reconciliations in the system.


Learn more: Reconciliation in FA Operations reference.