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Automatically execute trade orders

You can execute trade orders that are already updated with the execution details, such as trade time and price, in one step that you can either start manually or on a scheduled basis. See Scheduling in FA Admin Guide for information on how to schedule this and other features. Most commonly, you would use this when your trade orders are updated by a trading connector.


Don't use this functionality:

  • If your orders are bulked, follow the instructions in Execute bulk trade orders.

  • If you need to change parameters on the trade orders, for example, if the price has changed during execution. In that case, you can use manual execution as described in Manually execute trade orders.

To execute trade orders automatically:

  1. Go to the Trade orders view.

  2. Select a pre-saved view with the orders you want to execute, such as 07. Executed in the market, or make a search with the criteria you want to use.

  3. Click Confirm execution.

When you complete these steps, your trade orders get Executed status and the corresponding transactions are created.