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Send documents via email

You can send the documents stored for a contact, portfolio, transaction, or trade order via email to your clients.


The process for sending out reports is different, see Send reports via email.

Send documents via email

You can send documents stored under contacts, portfolios, transactions and trade orders using the Email documents functionality. To send documents:

  1. Add the "Document sending - Waiting" tag to the documents.

  2. To view the documents tagged for sending, and send those documents, open Tools → Send documents via emails. You can choose the documents to send from the list my clicking the checkbox next to the document.

  3. Choose the source of the email addresses and the email template to use:

    • Source of reporting addresses:

      • "Contact" – Use the email address defined in the Contact window, Addresses tab.

      • "Portfolio" – Use the email addresses defined in the Portfolio window, Reporting tab.

      You can view the email addresses from the chosen source in the Recipient email address(es) column.

    • Email template – The email template defined in Preferences. You can find more information about email templates in Send and receive emails and SMS messages.

  4. Click Send to send the documents and close the window.