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Reconcile a portfolio

The reconciliation flow

  1. Import the reconciliation file from Tools → Import file → Reconciliation material… Select the correct option based on if you're using FA format or MT535 format and whether you want to perform the reconciliation based on transaction date or settlement date of transactions. Upload the file from your computer. When you see the file you uploaded listed in the file list, click Confirm upload.

  2. The positions and/or bank account balances are reconciled based on the imported file. The results are shown in the Reconciliation dashboard.

  3. If there are any problems in reconciliation, open the task to see details.

  4. The portfolios with position reconciliation errors are also available in the dynamic portfolio group Position reconciliation errors. This portfolio group can be examined in e.g. Overview.

  5. Correct the problems and re-run the reconciliation.

Do not check for extra positions in FA

By default the position reconciliation checks also for any extra positions in FA. That means that if the file used for reconciliation doesn't contain a position in a portfolio, but that portfolio has the position in FA, an error will be shown in the reconciliation.

This behaviour can be overridden in the portfolio level. This might be useful if for example the portfolio contains positions from multiple different custodians and the reconciliation is done custodian-by-custodian.

To disable the extra position check the tag Reconciliation:Ignore extra positions in FA in the Portfolio window.


View reconciliation errors and use standard FA functionalities at the same time

In addition to viewing the reconciliation errors from the Tasks view as described above, the user can also view it from Portfolios view. That UI gives the user the possibility to view errors and use standard FA functionalities at the same time. While the UI is open, user can go and modify portfolio contents to match the file content or use the 'Ignore' button in the UI to ignore specific item from the reconciliation. When modification are done, 'Reconcile'/'Save and reconcile' button will re-run the reconciliation (and save ignored items) against updated content, and show the new result.

Go to Portfolios - Reconciliation - Errors.

All portfolios with errors have tag Reconciliation-Errors and are listed in the view.


Click Reconcile → Positions at the bottom of the screen.

Select the date and click Reconcile.

When the process is launched against a portfolio or set of portfolios, the UI will open with only a date field showing. Selecting a date will initiate reconciling for all selected portfolios for that selected date.


Questions about portfolio reconciliation

I have my cash balance in correct format, but for some reason system says that file amount is 0.

Check out the decimal separator - it needs to be “.”.

My reconciliation gives POS_NFOUND errors, even if the portfolio has these positions.

Check out the portfolio code: it cannot have comma inside the code.