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Import views from other roles in FA Front

If you want to extend the functionality in your own customized FA Front setup, you can import pre-made views as part of your configuration.

To import another view:

  1. Hover your mouse above your name in the lower-left corner and select Edit views from the options that appear.

  2. Select +Add view, and then Import view from another role. Click Save.

  3. Select the role under Import view from role.

  4. Select the view under View name.

  5. Change the icon and the name that will be shown in the menu (optional).

After you complete these steps, the imported view is shown in the menu along with other views. Keep in mind that you can't modify the imported view.

Additional views via import

Investment plan

This view shows the current holdings in a portfolio and allows the user to edit their investment plan via the Edit investment plan tool. Note that only securities with the "Tradeable" tag can be included in the investment plan.



On the trading page, end users can input trade orders to their own portfolios. The page also contains an overview of ongoing orders.