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Extensions Q1 / 2020 - Release notes

These features, improvements and bug fixes have been developed as extensions during Q1 / 2020 - they have been released in FA AppStore throughout the quarter, allowing you to update the extensions you are using to the latest version from the FA AppStore.


Features and improvements

  • New configuration in bookkeeping to "always use the configured currency accounts" allows you to force the system to use configured accounts instead of secondary account number, when your bookkeeping accounts have been configured to dynamically fetch the bookkeeping account number from the account. This allows you to use the secondary account number to other purposes, and to ensure it is not unnecessarily picked for bookkeeping when not intended to.

Bug fixes

  • Deferral of other securities now works correctly also for positions with zero price purchase


Features and improvements

  • Strategy Analyzer allows you to analyze a given portfolio and its sub-portfolios by comparing the portfolio’s strategy against the portfolios' performance analyzed by Analytics+. The features include Brinson Attribution analysis and Value added return based Contribution analysis. Strategy analyzer is available as an API and also as an extension jar, which means that the logic can be used in customer extensions. In addition, there is also a widget that can be used to analyze portfolios on the Dashboard.


Bug fixes

  • Analytics API now correctly includes the current date in the analysis for all time periods

  • The "filterPortfolios" API in the package API: Portfolio now has a POST version to be used in reports implemented with JasperReports

  • Strategy API now correctly handles situations when no strategy exists, ensuring you don't get an unnecessary error when running the "Allocation vs. strategy" report agains a portfolio without a strategy

Compliance - Regulatory

Features and improvements

  • You can now auto-fill previous reporting date within the email sent from portfolio / asset value monitoring: the e-mail that is sent out in portfolio / asset value monitoring can be autofilled with contact or portfolio-related information, the warning threshold, and now also the previous reporting date

  • Norwegian translations have been added to the Ex-post costs report

Corporate actions

Features and improvements

  • Corporate action import now handles corporate action runs, allowing you to run your corporate action against a specific group, customer or portfolio on a specific date while you import the corporate action information to the system

Data aggregation

Features and improvements

  • Standard queries for exporting market prices in general importer supported format, allowing you to easily export prices from FA with a format you can import back in

  • Standard queries for exporting transactions and trade orders in general importer supported format, allowing you to easily export prices from FA with a format you can import back in

Bug fixes

  • General importer process no longer has duplicate buttons to "Confirm" and "Cancel" when opened from task list, such as from the Tasks view

  • "Import MiFID costs from EMT file" now handles decimal formats correctly, showing the costs correctly as percentage instead of showing the figures 100 time too small

  • In addition, "Import MiFID costs from EMT file" now supports all allowed file delimiters of | , ; and tab. The importer automatically recognizes the delimiter based on the which character it encounters most frequently in the file's header row.

  • Synchronize FA now support multiple configuration sets, allowing you to run synchronization with different parameters within the same environment

Fee management

Bug fixes

  • Standard Fee Calculation process has been optimized, and no longer requires as much memory as before. In addition, you can now run fee calculation against a list of portfolios from the Portfolios view.

  • Asset management fee formula now results in a relevant description on the created asset management fee transaction, calculating the values in the description correctly

Fund management

Features and improvements

  • Support for recording and calculating income distribution for funds. Distributions represent the allocation of capital gains and dividend or interest income generated by the fund for the investors periodically during a calendar year.

  • Support for swing pricing, which occurs when a fund provider adjusts the NAV of a fund in order to pass on the costs of trading to those that are buying and selling

  • Alternative NAV calculation logic for PE funds to consider all share class specific fees from the lifetime of the fund

  • Support to consider pre-paid transactions as receivables in NAV calculation

  • Support to use previous price for a share class with no shareholders, allowing you to price a share class even if you don't have shareholders without having to use the price calculated for another share class

  • Support for saving only the data structure of NAV calculation for reporting purposes, without updating fund security or trade orders with a new NAV. This allows you to report your fund daily with all relevant figures, without having to calculate NAV with the same frequency.

  • Changes to UCITS report for SEB due to amendments to the reporting requirements: section MltplShrClss needs to be reported for all share classes

Bug fixes

  • Fund management now longer unnecessarily saves the fund security twice when tagging the security with "new NAV value from calculation" tag, ensuring the tag gets saved properly in all scenarios

  • Profit periods in the NAV Excel report for last week, 12, 24 and 36 months now show figures for a correct time period, instead of showing figures for time periods one day too long in the beginning

  • FX Forwards now work correctly in UCITS file for MktValBaseAmt section - FX Forwards now get the correct tag that bring the values up to this section

  • Cash account section in UCITS file now shows settled cash instead or traded cash, and positive and negative balances are correctly identified with + or -

  • CollateralAccounts section in the UCITS file now use the name of the currency instead of the currency code if the currency code is not according to ISO standard (3 characters long), allowing you to maintain other than ISO-standard currency codes

  • Subred report within the custodian reports for Danske now correctly returns transactions only once, instead of returning the same transaction once on the transaction date and another time on the NAV date

Model portfolio management

Features and improvements

  • "Invest deposits according to investment plan" rule now prevents you form running the rule on the same deposit multiple times, allowing you to ensure your deposit is not invested multiple times. Once trade orders have been created on your deposit according to your investment plan, your deposit gets the "OrdersCreatedFromPlan" tag

Bug fixes

  • Subportfolio Weight Adjuster now correctly approves transfers also when run on FA Back version 3.4

  • Performance of Subportfolio Weight Adjuster has been optimized through restructuring the processing done by this process

  • Performance of saving trade orders after rebalancing portfolios with the rebalancing templates has been optimized


Features and improvements

  • Support for retries in Direct debit

  • Transactions created by OCR reader for incoming payments now include payer account information

Bug fixes

  • File numbering of payment files within the general outgoing payments Avatale Giro now works also on even years, resulting always in a 7-digit file number as required

Portfolio management

Bug fixes

  • Futures mark-to-market process now handles exceptions more thoroughly: the process now survives from not finding purchase lots, and the process now works correctly also if you don't save your configurations with the "Default trade time for the transactions"


Bug fixes

  • Position reconciliation now again allows you to user portfolio groups to identify the portfolios to be reconciled - note however the the improved reconciliation user interface doesn't work when you use portfolio groups


Bug fixes

  • SWIFT process no longer creates files with fixed name but instead includes a unique time stamp in the file name, ensuring that files that have been generated but not yet processed don't get overridden with new files with the same name

Tax and authority reporting

Finnish tax reporting

  • VSAPUUSE report for Finnish tax reporting now correctly handles reporting sell transactions when reporting is done with multiple roles simultaneously: the same transaction can either generates two entires, one for role 1 and one for role 3, or only one entry for role 4.

  • VSAPUUSE report for Finnish tax reporting now correctly shows one row per purchase lot, if there is more than one purchase related to a redemption.

  • VSOMHOIE report for Finnish tax reporting now excludes zero-amount transactions from the report, such as a zero-amount management fee transaction entered solely for defining the start date for management fee calculation

Norwegian tax reporting

  • Texts have been polished and updated on end-client reports for Norwegian tax reporting for year 2020

  • All Norwegian tax reports now contain required FATCA information in the report header, if the process has been configured to include GIIN code

  • Norwegian tax reporting now calculates profits and losses correctly also for exchanges with different ratios, including an exchange with ratio 1:1

  • "ASK" report for Norwegian tax reporting now correctly shows a cash balance for all accounts that have a positive cash balance

  • "Finansprodukter" report for Norwegian tax reporting now correctly reports a dividend's gross amount, instead of reporting dividends without taxes

  • "Finansprodukter" report for Norwegian tax reporting now correctly reports losses as positive numbers, instead of reporting losses with a minus sign

  • "Verdipapirfond" and "Finansprodukter" reports for Norwegian tax reporting now correctly handle situations when the process has been configured to report coupons, but the reported security type is not a bond and doesn't involve coupons

  • "IPS" report for Norwegian tax reporting now aggregates withdrawals by type, allowing you to report scenarios with more than one withdrawal

  • "IPS" report for Norwegian tax reporting no longer fails if there are no deposits on reported year

  • Due to changes in reporting requirements, Norwegian tax reporting now reports birth date of "Beneficial Owners" datasets even when owner has a valid Norwegian SSN

Swedish tax reporting

  • End-client report is now available also for reporting options with KU34 for Swedish tax reporting

  • Authority report KU31 for Swedish tax reporting now supports reporting "fk003", or foreign individuals or companies who receive dividends from Swedish companies and pay withholding tax on these dividends

Other authority reporting

  • FATCA and CRS reporting now allow you to exclude controlling persons' portfolios from the report with a tag added on the portfolios to be excluded, instead of always including all of a contact's portfolios in the report

  • SIRA investment fund reporting for Bank of Finland now has logic for handling counterparty's home country, filling in the required fields correctly based on whether counterparty's home country is Finland (FI) or not

Trade order management

Features and improvements

  • Mass-adjust trades process now allows you to (optionally) also modify the payment date of your trade when needed

Bug fixes

  • Bulk order execution now handles costs appropriately when generating counter-per-client orders, ensuring that transaction figures sum up: when generating a counter-transaction per client transaction, we should pick up costs and taxes directly from the client order's final costs instead of recalculating them as a share of the bulk order's costs. This allows you to use the bulk portfolio to conveniently manage your trading-related fees: as orders get executed, the bulk portfolio's account is left with fees charged directly from clients (fees on the bulk orders have no effect on the account balance, as they are canceled out by the counter-transactions).

  • Bulk order execution no longer creates transactions with duplicate external IDs, which was possible with version 3.16 of this process

Trading connector

Bug fixes

  • Fundsettle trading connector now picks up the allowed number of decimals for trade order's amount from the trade order's security

  • Fundsettle trading connector now formats even large numbers correctly in the generated files, instead of incorrectly converting large figures to scientific notation such as 1.89E7


Features and improvements

  • Buttons on the Log Browser have been re-orderd for better usability, especially to prevent accidentally clicking on the Catalina log button

  • Query monitoring now supports (optionally) not adding a header row on the generated CSV file, allowing you to send forward CSV files without headers on the first row, as required for example for some file-based integrations

Bug fixes

  • Design-based importer now gives an appropriate error log when dealing with invalid extension scripts, allowing you to identify the error from the log message

  • Recreate transaction VO process now works also with version FA Back 3.3 an newer