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Import custom CSV files to FA


FA enables you to import custom CSV files in the FA system to:

  • import contacts, portfolios, transactions, trade orders, contracts, securities, positions, market prices or corporate actions

  • reconcile portfolio holdings based on transaction or settlement date

This is possible by using FA's data mapping tools and related processes together with your custom Camel route.


To use custom CSV data together with data mapping and FA's processes you need to:

  • Configure your data mapping to map your custom CSV data to one of the FA's standard formats

  • Create a Camel route that fetches your custom CSV file, selects the data mapping and triggers the FA's import or reconciliation process. In practice, the data mapping and the FA process selection is done in your custom camel route by renaming your CSV file in specific way and moving the CSV file in specific FA directory, depending on how you want your data to be processed. Once the file is saved, FA's standard route converts it into the FA standard format and triggers import or reconciliation process.

Please also check out the related Samples Import transactions with format readerand Import positions in a custom CSV file.

Configuring the data mapping

FA has two different ways of making the data mapping:

You need to select the data mapping option based on the process you wish to use. See Available processes and data mapping options.

The preference key / name of the mapping (e.g. "my-mapping") in FA Back must match your route's output file name (e.g. "") as this is used to identify the correct mapping when file is processed.

Creating the Camel route

The custom Camel route's job is to:

  • Prepare the incoming file as a semicolon-separated CSV if its original delimiter is not semicolon. This is required for data mapping.

  • Rename the file so that the mapping's preference key / name is a second file extension (for example, "")

  • Save the renamed file in the correct directory for further processing. See Available processes and data mapping options. FA's standard camel routes log each file that has been processed from these directories.

Available processes and data mapping options

Lists of available processes, data mapping options and directories:

FA Process

Data mapping type

Directory for a file to be mapped and processed

Reconciliation (by transactions date)

Data mapping


Reconciliation (by settlement date)

Data mapping


General import

Data mapping


Position import

Data mapping


Transaction and trade order import

Reader format configuration