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Set up limited visibility for one user

You can set up limited visibility for one user by linking their contact to the clients or portfolios the user is responsible for.


To do this:


Before you start the setup, make sure the user role prohibits the user from assessing the views that don’t filter the client data with the limited visibility.

  1. Create a contact for the user in FA Back (if it doesn’t exist yet).

    Click NewNew contact in the top menu, fill in the fields, and click Save and close.

  2. Link the contact to the user in FA Admin Console.

    In the User management view, click the user row and then click the Edit user info icon. Choose the contact in the Linked contact field and clickSubmit.

  3. Add the user’s contact to the contact or portfolio you want the user to access:

    - To provide access to all client’s portfolios and client’s contact information, add the user as a representative for the client. To do this, open the client’s contact, Representatives tab.



    - To provide access to a portfolio, add the user as an asset manager for this portfolio. The user will be able to view the client’s contact information as well. To do this, open the Portfolio window, Asset managers tab.