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Create a trade order

When you add a trade order to a portfolio, it doesn't yet affect the position. It is merely an order to buy or sell something. You can add a new order from the position (if you want to sell or buy the same security that is already in your portfolio) by right-clicking the position and selecting New → Trade order with position's security and amount or from the menu at the top via New → New trade order → <security type>.


Entering a trade from top menu bar.


Entering a trade order by right-clicking the position.

Trade order window

  1. Select the security.

  2. Select the transaction type.

  3. Define then Execution method for the order.

  4. Select the order date (the date, when order is recorded) and order’s expiration date

  5. Based on the execution method, you need to make sure

    • Trade amount (method: Net trade amount) is correct

    • Amount is correct (method: Units)


Note that you can only bulk orders with the execution method options Net defined / Units / Net trade amount. Gross trade amount is not supported when bulking the orders.

Read the trade order window description in FA Back reference: Trade order window.