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Set up monthly investments

You can use monthly investments and divestments to create monthly recurring buy and sell trade orders to portfolios.


To use this functionality, you need the TOM role.

Configure monthly investments

Go to Tools → Administer → Monthly investments

Make the following selections:

  • How many days in advance should the trade orders be generated? Choose how early you wish to generate monthly investment trade orders. For example if you select 3 here, a trade order for the 15th day of the month is generated on the 12th day of the month.

  • Show a date selection user interface when running monthly investments (instead of using the current date every time). Enable this to generate monthly investments for days in the past or the future. If this option is not selected, generating monthly investments can be done with one click, and the current date is used. This way it can also be scheduled, see Scheduling.

  • Transaction type for investments. Select whether to use Fund subscription or Buy transaction type when investing, depending on whether the investments are done into collective investment vehicles or other types of investment products.

  • Transaction type for divestments. Select whether to use Fund redemption or Sell transaction type when divesting.

  • Adjust transaction dates based on security holiday calendars and settlement lags. Enable this option to adjust the transaction dates of trade orders back or forward based on the security holiday calendar and settlement lag. Sells and redemptions are adjusted back to the last business day during which the trade order needs to be executed to settle before the requested payment date. Buys and subscriptions are adjusted forward to the next business day (settlement lag ignored). You need to create monthly divestments well in advance to execute them in time to settle on the requested date.