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Q3 2023 release


Q3 release introduces new features and improvements throughout all existing applications. This quarter's release includes a new major version of most of the business and administrative applications, as well as new versions of many of the microservices under the hood. In addition, we have released updates for FA Standard Solution throughout the quarter.

Highlights from this quarter’s releases include:

  • FA Back enables you to check when a contact, portfolio, or security was last created or modified. We have also added the option to select if you want to calculate ex-post costs and rebate based on ingoing or outgoing market value.  

  • In FA Client Portal, you can now export different views as XLSX files for further analysis or enhancements. 

  • FA Fund Management helps you to prevent errors caused by ongoing report calculation and to open FX hedge fund structures in FA Fund Management. 

  • A number of impactful performance improvements. FA Solutions is committed to building an enterprise-grade platform, and we are placing particular emphasis on improving the performance and scalability of the system during 2023. You can read more about the Q3 improvements in our technical release notes.

Read more about the new features and improvements in the release notes below.

Webinar recording from Tuesday, November 21st 2023

This webinar provides you with an introduction to the new features and improvements in the Q3/2023 release.