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Swing pricing

Set up swing pricing

Fund wizard

You can define swing pricing parameters in the Fund wizard in the Swing pricing tab.

You can define thresholds for Swing up and down and how much swing will adjust the NAV unit price.

To apply Swing pricing, start by selecting the check box Apply swing pricing, after which you can see the rest of the selections.

Swing percentage

Define how much to adjust the unit NAV if Swing up or down is applied. You can define it in the fields:

  • Swing percentage for swinging up

  • Swing percentage for swinging down



You can define swing threshold either as a monetary amount in fund currency (In fund currency) or as a percentage of fund net asset value (As percentage). Depending on your selection, enter the parameters in the For swinging up and For swinging down fields in the corresponding units.

Applying swing in fund cashflow transactions

In bottom part you define if the specification of this in the Cash Flow transaction to Fund portfolio. I.e. how it will be specified in Cash flow transaction to the Fund. It is possible to get it specified there.


Calculation and reporting

Swing sums up total flows, originating from all share-classes, to/from Fund on NAV date. If net flow exceed Swing threshold the unit NAV is adjusted up or down.

When running NAV in Fund Application you can see the Swing in Preview Share classes. The final NAV and NAV before swing is shown


On Fund share class security the unit NAV before swing is stored in Market data info Close 4 field. Final unit NAV is stored in Close 1 field.