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Texts and translations

Texts and translations in Danish, English, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish


You need the role ADM to upload translations with these steps.

You can define the texts that are shown in FA Client Portal. English texts are provided by FA, and you can create translations in Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish. To do this, create a transition file and upload it from FA Back:

  1. Download the English texts from the repository

  2. Replace the English texts in the file with the texts in the target language using a text editor. The file is in JSON format and consists of keys (texts before the colons) and values (texts after the colons). The keys contain the element ID (for example, "buyButton") and the values contain the caption text (for example, "Buy"). Keep the structure and change only the values after the colons. Some text editors show keys and values with different colors and highlight any mistakes, such as missing double quotes. Keep the file name as translation.json.

  3. Go to Tools → Administer → FA Client Portal → Upload translations in FA Back, choose the language from the list (Danish, English, Finnish, Norwegian, or Swedish), and upload the file.

The new translations are immediately applied in FA Client Portal as soon as you refresh the page.

Texts and translations in other languages


You need the role PRE to add languages in FA Back and the role PUBLIC for FA Admin Console to access the public directory in the File management view.

If you need to add a language other than Danish, English, Finnish, Norwegian, or Swedish, follow the steps:

  1. Add the language in FA Back (see section Languages in Preference - General in FA Back reference).

  2. Follow steps 1 and 2 above to create the translation file.

  3. Open the File management view in FA Admin Console and go to the public/myinvestments/locales directory.

  4. Add a directory matching your locale, for example, is-IS for Icelandic.

  5. Upload the translation file in the directory you added.