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Standard Solution August 2023 - Release notes

Released: September 4th, 2023

Standard Solution August 2023 introduces a number of smaller improvements in existing features as well as fixes.

Other improvements

Fund Management

  • There is now an improved logic for handling fund orders that come in after the cut-off. Any fund trade order made after the cut-off now has its transaction date postponed to the next business date (pushed to the next NAV) in accordance with the holiday calendar settings of the fund. Learn more: Set the cut-off time in FA User Guide.

  • SIRA fund reporting is now based on the snapshot of the data at the moment when the NAV was calculated. This was previously based on portfolio reports and other up-to-date data.


Portfolio Management

  • You can now run the mark-to-market transactions process with a pre-defined lag. If you define a lag, the default date selection changes from the current date to “current date - lag”. A lag of one day, for example, will default to running the mark-to-market process against the previous date. This also works for scheduled runs.

Fee Management

  • In addition to getting the calculation breakdown as an XLSX file with the Configurable fee formula process, you now have the option to get calculation details in the Description on statement or Internal info fields. This allows you to display calculation details to FA Client Portal users. Learn more: Configure a fee formula in FA User Guide.


  • The run limits feature for portfolios now structures the warnings or breaches output from the limits as a tree structure similar to the one presented in Portfolio window, Limits. The results are now more readable. Previously, the output only showed the limit itself, and if a limit consisted of multiple parts to be analysed, the output differed from what is shown in Portfolio window, Limits.


  • You can now use dynamic subjects in emails sent by the Send messages process.


External reporting

  • Fixed an issue in SEB custody report which could not be generated with a specific version of FA.

  • Fixed an issue in MiFIR transaction report which could not be generated with a specific version of FA.


  • Fixed an issue in Settlements where field :94F::SAFE was not added to the settlement message.


  • Run limits for portfolios now use the correct limit type. Previously, when you selected Investment plan or Pre-trade limits, it incorrectly picked up Post-trade limits (if they existed) instead.

Bank and Custody Connections

  • Fixed an issue where the route that fetches files from M2 Wealth did not start up correctly in some specific scenarios.


  • Fixed an issue in the Send documents to Signicat process that caused the process to fail with a specific version of FA.

Market Data Connector

  • The continuous price updates process now also works when run against securities without a defined holiday calendar and when no updated prices are returned.

Fee Management

  • The configurable performance fee formula now outputs a more descriptive XLSX file containing calculation details.

Tax Reporting

  • Finnish tax report VSAPUUSE no longer produces unnecessarily long audit messages.