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Extensions week 13 2022 - Release notes

These features, improvements and fixes have been released in FA AppStore during week 13 2022, allowing you to update the extensions you are using to the latest version from the FA AppStore.



  • Drift monitoring warning emails no longer format very large numbers with scientific notation.

External reporting

Features and improvements

  • New Bloomberg PORT export report for exporting portfolio holdings to Bloomberg PORT.

  • New NAV-Center export report ( for mutual funds whose NAV is calculated using FA Fund Management to report NAV and dividends.

Fee Management


  • Standard capitalization process now handles the scenario when there are multiple kickbacks the same day correct.


Features and improvements

  • Improved fault tolerance in Outgoing payments process so that it puts one tag before saving the file, and the final tag only after saving it. This makes it easier to find and react to any issues during payment material generation.

Portfolio Management

Features and improvements

  • The Monthly investments/divestments process can now be run against a date range instead of a single date. When you select future dates, this allows you to generate transactions or trade orders for example for the upcoming month already in advance. This is useful for cases when you need to inform the payment provider of the following month's payment requests well in advance.


Features and improvements

  • Send documents to Signicat process now have an option to select which documents to send, filtering possibility, new column for phone number and by default no longer shows documents with status "Sent" when viewing document signing status.

  • Restructure of Signicat sign process to use latest Signicat API and support multiple signers better.