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Add a column based on a key figure


Setup of Analytics column definitions is done in FA Back under Preference → Content and translations → Analytics+ columns.


Definition list


Adding new column definition

To add a new column definition, click Add new column. A selection of how to define the column is presented: Based on security key figure, or Based on a formula. Select Based on security key figure.

  1. Choose a unique analytics column Code. After the column definition is saved, this is not possible to change. Only non-existing codes are allowed when adding a new column.

  2. Choose column Name.

  3. Select the coupled Key Figure from the list of Security Key Figure names. If a new Key Figure needs to be defined, navigate to Preference → Content and translations → Key figure definitions


Once these three steps are completed, you should be up and running with your security key figure in Analytics+ and it will be available as any other field.