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Transactions view

The Transactions view shows the client’s transactions for a chosen time period. The user can view transaction details by clicking a transaction. Transactions can be filtered by transaction date, transaction type, and security.

The user can download the list of transactions in the XLSX filewhen viewing the page on a larger screen or desktop.


Transaction details

The user can view the following transaction details by clicking a transaction:

  • Transaction type

  • Transaction amount

  • Security name

  • Portfolio name

  • Transaction date and settlement date

  • Number of units

  • Unit price

  • Gross trade amount

  • Cost

  • Net trade amount

  • FX rate

  • Taxes

  • Security ISIN code and marketplace

  • Description

The user can download the PDF transaction confirmation report by clicking the Download transaction confirmation button. If there is no transaction confirmation generated in FA Back, the document is generated on the fly. On-the-fly generation requires a custom JSReport transaction confirmation report installed. For details, see Transaction confirmation report (PDF) .