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Q3 2021 release


Q3 release introduces new features and improvements throughout existing applications. This quarter’s release includes a new major version on all business and administrative applications, providing you with various improvements in existing features. This quarter’s release also includes new versions on some of the microservices under the hood. In addition, we’ve released updates on Standard Solution and extensions throughout the quarter.

Highlights from this quarter’s releases include support for rolling back NAV in FA Fund Management, new feature to import corporate actions with a standard file format in FA Back, and new developer tools in FA Developer. In addition, all applications now direct you to the new location for FA Documentation to find help using FA. Read more about all the new features and improvements from the release notes below.

Webinar recording from Thursday, November 18th, 2021 - 14:00 (EET)

This webinar will provide you with an introduction to versions included in the Q3/2021 release.