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Extensions week 46 2021 - Release notes

These features, improvements and bug fixes have been released in FA AppStore during week 46 / 2021, allowing you to update the extensions you are using to the latest version from the FA AppStore.

External reporting

MiFIR transaction reporting

Features and improvements

  • Improved tag handling in the MiFIR transaction reporting so that duplicate files are not sent if there are errors when sending is on-going.

  • MiFIR transaction reporting is now able to handle the file even if the list of reported transactions is not found from preferences.

SIRA reporting

Bug fixes

  • SIRA report no longer picks up transactions in status Not finished and Deleted or trader orders when reporting unsettled transactions.



  • Fixed an issue in UCITS xml report where FX contract-relates transactions where put in the OthrAsstLblt section.

Portfolio management

Bug fixes

  • Approve documents process no longer fails to show document when adding a document in FA Front without writing any description.


Features and improvements

  • Fixed a few cosmetic issues in P/L - Performance report.

  • Transactions report now shows all translations correctly.

  • Receivables and liabilities report now uses data from Analytics+, standard header & footer, new chart library and standard styles.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue in P/L Performance and value history report where market value was sometimes not shown correctly.

  • Fixed an issue in Positions report where the "share" text was missing from the report.

Signicat Digital Identity and Signing

Features and improvements

  • Send documents to Signicat process now have improved default email and SMS texts that are used when documents are sent out for signing.

  • Document upload and signing process now supports email and SMS templates to override default texts.

  • Signicat sign process now supports cancelling the signing request from the signing task and tag document accordingly with "Document signing-Canceled".

Bug fixes

  • Document upload and signing process no longer gives an error when sending documents to contacts without language defined.

Trade Order Management

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue Mass-adjust trades process where trade time seconds where not handled properly.

System (including Administration and Utilities)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue in Synchronize FA process where resending was not possible.