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Fee Management


FA’s Fee Management supports your portfolio-level fee management routines. It allows you to perform calculations from simple asset management fees to performance fees with High-Water Mark. To save you time, you can simultaneously mass-produce fees for multiple portfolios and run them for different time intervals.


Manage various types of fees and costs

  • Record costs associated with your transactions or record standalone fees - record any number of different costs and fees associated with your transactions (e.g. costs associated with buying or selling) directly into the transaction itself. Alternatively, you can create standalone cost transactions such as asset management fees.

  • Define and categorize any number of different cost types - for reporting purposes, you can categorize cost types according to ESMA's classification.

  • Keep track of implicit costs associated with your holdings - you can also keep track of costs which do not show up directly as transactions in your portfolio, such as a fund positions' asset management fees.

  • Report your fees - you can use Reporting and Compliance - Regulatory module to report your fees and costs in various ways. Costs and fees are included in various standard reports, and various regulatory reports allow you to for example report ex-ante and ex-post costs.

Manage fee calculation parameters and logic

  • Record various fee parameters to your portfolios - keep track of portfolio-specific cost attributes, such as management fee percentages, and link portfolios to your cost formulas. You can link a portfolio to multiple cost formulas, and different portfolios may be linked to different formulas to control how fees are calculated for each portfolio.

  • Calculate fee percentages for your clients based on their AUM - you can maintain AUM trigger levels, and calculate a fee percentage for your clients' portfolios when they exceed a pre-defined AUM threshold.

  • Use a standard fee formula to calculate fees - you can use standard fee formulas (see below) to calculate fees, such as asset management fees, to your portfolios. Most fee formulas calculate one fee since the previous date the fee was calculated, while some formulas support calculating separate fees per position. Standard fee formulas are configurable, so you can adjust them to fit your needs.

  • Run rebate contracts – calculate rebates based on a flat percentage or apply a complex percentage determined by the contract, day, transaction type, or security. Rebate functionality supports multi-tiered hierarchies of recipients, which lets you pay out rebates to the investors themselves, to the intermediate level (e.g. investors' sales representatives), or to the asset management/fund distributor company.

Calculate fees and rebates for your portfolios

  • Mass-generate fee transactions to your customers - calculate a fee of your choice to an individual portfolio, an individual contact, or a group of portfolios in one go. Fees are calculated since the previous date the same fee was calculated in the portfolio until the fee calculation date.

  • Automate your fee calculation with a pre-determined schedule - you can initiate fee calculation manually, or you can schedule your fee calculation to be performed automatically at pre-defined times.

  • Track who has calculated fees over time - keep track of fee calculation: who calculated fees, when, and which fee transactions were created as a result. In case of an error, you can also delete a fee calculation run including all of its associated transactions.

  • Calculate rebates for your funds - define which rebates are applicable for each portfolio and calculate rebates for your fund positions automatically.

Manage accruals, capitalization and distribution

  • Create accruals and capitalization - in addition to calculating one fee to cover a longer period of time, you can gradually accrue fees over time and capitalize your accrued fees periodically. You can calculate accruals and capitalize fees manually, or you can schedule these to be performed automatically at pre-defined times.

  • Distribute fees and rebates to multiple portfolios - you can distribute fees to portfolios based on their accrued fee or rebate transactions, or based on weighted average positions over time (in a corresponding security).

Supported types

Standard fee formula


Fixed fee

Fixed fee, or fee based on the calculation period.

Relative fee

Fee defined as a percentage of AUM. Supports excluding account balances and/or positions of specific securities from AUM.

Performance fee

Fee calculation based on the portfolio performance (compared to a benchmark).

High-Water Mark

Deduct fees only if the portfolio's performance exceeds the historical performance, i.e. High-Water Mark.


Calculate expected rebates/accruals.

Account interest

Calculate interest on your accounts.