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Accept NAV

To accept the fund's NAV:

  1. Select the fund in the NAV overview. Click the fund in the list. Make sure that the fund has the "Calculated" status.

  2. View and check NAV calculation details and warnings. For details, see View and check NAV calculation.

  3. Click Accept NAV in the Fund details pane if the NAV summary is correct and there are no warnings that require your action. The fund receives the "Accepted" status.

    Click Reject NAV if you need to make fixes and calculate NAV again. The fund received the "Rejected" status. After making the necessary fixes, you can caculate and accpet NAV again.

Roll back accepted NAV

Rollback reverts all actions performed at the acceptance. Rolling back NAV does the following:

  • Deletes fee and cash transactions in the fund portfolio in FA Back.

  • Deletes Market data observations for the share class in FA Back.

  • Changes the status of the trade orders executed at the acceptance step to "Executable" and deletes transactions linked to them.

  • If performance fee equalization is used for the fund, removes capitalization transactions, removes performance fees, removes compensation trade orders created for subscriptions, restores compensation trade orders canceled or updated as a result of redemptions.

  • Updates the calculation schedule and shows the previous accepted NAV as the latest one.

Rolling back unofficial NAV does the following:

  • Updates the calculation schedule and shows the previous NAV as the latest one.

The actions performed during the rollback are logged. To view the log, click log.png in the NAV overview.

You can roll back the latest accepted NAV calculation. To cancel several NAV calculations, roll them back one by one, starting with the latest.

  1. Choose your fund from the list of funds and click the NAV overview button NAV_history.png in the Fund details pane on the right.

  2. Click Roll back NAV in the NAV summary tab that opens and confirm the rollback.


    Only the latest NAV can be rolled back. The button is not available if you did not select the latest NAV date at the top of the screen.

The rollback might take a few moments. After that, you can calculate the fund's NAV again.

Stop NAV acceptance in progress

FA allows you to interrupt NAV acceptance that is in progress. Stopping acceptance removes all changes made during the acceptance in FA Back, similar to rollback (see the rollback description above) but keeps the latest NAV calculation. You can then recalculate NAV if needed.

To stop NAV acceptance that is in progress:

  1. Select the fund in the NAV overview.

  2. Click View progress in the Fund details pane.

  3. Click Stop acceptance.

Roll back failed acceptance

You can roll back NAV acceptance that failed due to a system error on the FA side. This is a rare situation indicated with the "Error" status. If you see the "Error" status, read the error message displayed in the list of funds – the message says at what stage the acceptance was interrupted. Open FA Back and remove the changes made during this step, if you find any (for example, you might need to delete the fee or cash transactions). Then, click the Roll back failed acceptance button – this will cancel all other acceptance steps.